Dreamelations From Above

Hey there! My name is Bill Weather. Just call me Weather. I guess you're wondering what a dreamelation is. It's a dream filled with God given revelation. It's not just random, but divine direction given from above and boy did God lay it on me big time.

From 2011 to 2015, God decided to reward me for some sufferings and loss of life savings I went thru from 2009 to 2010, due to prophecy in a season of testing. It's the only reason I can think of as to why he would give me such amazing dreams and man, where there alot of them. Over 50 of them poured out on me during that time.

When God gave me these dreams, not only did he give them so vividly, but he also gave the memory of them and also, the interpretation of them. For what good is a dream if you can't remember it or learn from it?

Some of the dreams marked + had physical signs that manifested, to back the dream as well, which is quite amazing, that the power and planning of God would do that.

 Author Bio-  Weather was saved in 1987 by hearing the audible voice of the Lord Jesus Christ, in an amazing experience that set him on a course of many life experiences with the Holy Spirit.
He has been studying creation vs evolution for almost 27 years. He is gifted in teachings, revelations, dreams, visions, worship, but is much more focused on evangelism and prophecy for the 2020s, and going frontline onto universities and teaching students to discern the lie of evolution theory that is holding them captive to unbelief. There are a bazillion people and ministers inside churches, but few on the front lines where the unsaved  are. This ministry helps to fill that void.