64+ Dreams & Visions
(Acts 2:17)
Dreamelations From Above

    Greetings! My name is Bill Weather. Just call me Weather. I guess you're wondering what a dreamelation is. It's a dream filled with God given. revelation. It's not just random, but divine direction given from above and boy did God lay it on me big time.
    When God gave me these dreams, not only did he give them so vividly, but he also gave the memory of them and also, the interpretation of them. For what good is a dream if you can't remember it or learn from it?
    Some of the dreams marked +, is prophecy fulfilled or has had physical signs that manifested, to back the dream.

Bill Weather is at 6000thyear@gmail.com

  Bio - Weather was saved in 1987 by hearing the audible voice of the Lord Jesus Christ, in an amazing experience that set him on a course of many life experiences with the Holy Spirit.

    Weather worked as an electrical contractor in the middle Tennessee area for years and is now in full time ministry. His interests are evangelism, missions, prophecy, making worship songs,  creation science, solar power, off grid living, football, tiny homes, disc golf, economics, song writing, playing guitar and great musicianship.
Weather is a strong apologist, who hosts 5 key Web site subjects, 
2020sprophecy.com, on what's soon to come
censored-science.org on creation vs evolution, 
6000thyear.com on WHEN Christ is coming, 
prophecybase.com proving out the Historicist view of end time prophecy 
messiahbalm.com documenting the world wide miracle healings of the Lord Jesus Christ.